People Search Services - Why Do We Need It?

People search services are a great way to find and locate someone that you’re trying to find. It’s a lot easier than searching through white pages and public records and calling up a bunch of numbers just to locate someone. Another way you could use people search is if you’re looking for a school friend from 15 to 30 years ago and you wanted to catch up. Or a cousin that you haven’t seen for years.

These people search services often deliver results instantly and just like that, you’ll have their contact details, address, and much more. Right now you may be wondering why you should pay for such a service when white pages and public records are actually free to use?

Why Pay For People Search Services?

It's Cheaper Than You Think

From $0.95 per search result (based on our top review), you can quickly filter millions of records. Some public records also charge you to access their database, but people search services will only charge you once to access multiple paid databases.

Instant Results

If you were to search through public records and the white pages, you’ll end up spending hours and if you find a few phone numbers, you’ll have to manually call them all up just to locate the person you’re looking for. That’s why with people search services, you can search millions of records and databases across the country and get results instantly.

Finding Friends and Family The Easy Way

Public records have a lot more information than you think. You can get addresses, full names, last known address, current address, emails, number of people in a family, and a whole lot more which makes it easy to find your lost friends and family.

So What Should I Look For In A Good People Search Provider?

The most important thing to remember is the more information a provider can give you the better. Secondly price, if there is a low cost to conduct a few search that would be great. However if you need to run a business and conduct multiple searches, you should find a people search service that allows monthly or yearly subscriptions for unlimited searches. Last but not least, you need good support.

What You’ll Find On This Site

We’ve taken the liberty to review the 5 best people search services and compared them side-by-side. So you can compare the  level of information each site will give you and their costs. They all have pretty good support. But our top three choices for the best people search services are PeopleFinders, Intelius and US Search

Looking for friends and family? Why try searching online? People search services are more affordable than you think and it can save you a lot of time and money. Discover the benefits in our top 5 reviews today.

People Search Comparison Table
Overall Rating Cost Buy Read Review 30 Day Cost Searches Fields Reports Support
People Finders
$0.95 $14.95
$0.95 N/A
US Search
$0.95 N/A
Net Detective N/A N/A
Find Out The Truth $6.95 N/A
People Search Review